How We Work with You

Developing a quality UAS requires a team with specialized skills and disciplines. You may find you need to supplement your existing team, or add new capabilities. FlightHouse can fill your product development, aircraft conceptual design and airframe development needs. Our on-demand engineering resources are a cost effective way to move your project forward through any stage of development. We team up with industry partners who bring the best in payloads, propulsion, avionics, autopilots, and other critical subsystems to deliver fast and affordable turnkey solutions.

Our Design Methodology

Ensuring your UAS Project Meets Your Requirements

The FlightHouse Design Process goes beyond the classical manned aircraft design disciplines. Our suite of tools and proven processes yields an innovative and balanced design, factoring in considerations unique to UAS, such as cost, mission effectiveness, payload performance, payload integration, upgradeability, launch and recovery, reliability, maintainability, serviceability, transportation, manufacturability, communications, and survivability.

Our Services


You want to get it right the first time. We can help.

Our aircraft sizing capabilities cover traditional aircraft design disciplines including configuration design, aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, mass properties, subsystem analysis, and flight performance. We can rapidly optimize aircraft to best meet your design objectives.

FlightHouse Engineering utilizes proprietary aircraft conceptual design and analysis software written by co-founder, Jay Gundlach. These tools can simultaneously analyze numerous design disciplines such as aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, mass properties, performance, and payload effectiveness with high fidelity to generate optimized aircraft.

Airframe Design

We meet functional, cost and schedule targets.

Quality Mechanical Design
Using the Solidworks and Solidworks Simulation suite of tools, we design parts, assemblies and entire air vehicles that are best in class lightweight structures and manufacturable.
PDM Vault Services
We can handle all your Configuration Control and Product Life Cycle Control considerations.
Speciality with Composite Structures
From complete monocoque airframes to targeted composite elements, we’ve got you covered.
Our team can design and build prototypes of new aircraft concepts using our in-house prototype lab and our trusted network of outside fabrication partners.

Product Development and Program Planning

We’ve been in your shoes.

We understand the myriad of subsystems, disciplines, and user considerations involved in a UAS and can also provide support in the following areas:

  • Requirements Development
  • Market and competitive analyses
  • Product definition that leverages key client-provided technologies
  • Survey and selection of major systems, including payloads, propulsion, communication systems, avionics, launch and recovery systems, and ground control stations
  • Supplier strategy, including make-buy decision support, analytical trade studies, and surveys
  • Program Planning; Assessing Cost, Schedule, Risk
  • Engineering trade studies for the complete UAS and subsystems

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